2020 was to be our big year (25th Anniversary and huge campaign launch)! Co-Vid made that not possible, so now ... and with two added years for more planning, the new Planet X (also to be known via its many diverse campaigns and new brand extensions), is here to take its decades of global experience and insight to provide bonafide support for so many amazing programs and projects for the world's environment and global peace!

"Many Worlds" literally means a growing roster of diverse and unique programs and projects worldwide working together within the Planet X Ecosystem for successful results!

Helping Save the Planet Since 1995 is a Work in Process!

Our Current "Planet X World" TV Campaign is Airing in Millions of TV Homes in North America and Many Parts of the Planet! 

We've Been Fighting for the Planet Since Day One!

"Planet X's Trilogy", the 1994 global eco-adventure TV special launched "Planet X" into a major TV series and more that is now the foundation for a whole new expansion plan!

- We Made Being Environmental a Cool Gig Before it Was Fashionable! -

We are back on the Road Soon for a Wild Adventure Promoting the New Planet X Platform!

Planet X's Very First Episode (produced in Early 1995 with Hard Rock Cafe) with a very clear environmental message - "Save the Planet" with a mix of surf & wild humor!


The Founders and creative staff behind Planet X have an extensive background in network television with TV series products worldwide going back to the mid 1980s. 

Having key involvement with TV programs such as ABC's "Wide World of Kids", "The Extremists" and the full development and launch of Jack Hanna's own first TV series, "ZooLife" (which soon became a TV giant!) ... Planet X has one powerful legacy!

Innovation is Key for Our Next Round of Planet X Activity ... 

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