Back with a Vengeance, Vex on Planet X, a series of wild and edgy video features on Planet X TV in the late 90s is now a whole new media & TV brand and programming asset! Truly Loud Media to be announced soon! 

"Vex" is a fun word that means "to Annoy or to Instigate" and the perfect sub-brand to Planet X to umbrella its edgier roster of projects, people and media! And yes, we will annoy and instigate for eco-action!

VEX by PLANET X is a radical new approach to eco-awareness and action with a team of outspoken TV personalities who stand out in the crowd by creating attention with a purpose ... our Vex programs range from comedy to special events and media that are designed to inform via different forms of entertainment and shock value activity!

Launching in 2023, and will be the digital TV outlet and media voice for the dozens of Planet X personalities who are all adding their unique perspective to the global condition and their "Piece of the Planet" to help improve world issues!

Since Day One, Our Hosts Are Freethinkers Who Speak Their Mind and Who Project a Fun and Motivational Message!

Working with Famous Athletes and Enterainers, We Create Engaging Programs to Get Youth to Learn About Their Planet!

On Our Virtual Planet X, Our Humorous Byzantine Empire will Give Participants a Fun Look at the Globe in the Eyes of a Fictitious Empire that Will Inform of the Real World and Its Need of Stablility, Civility and Respect for All Cultures, Races and Population Groups (and Yes, You Can Soon Buy a Passport and Official Merchandise from Our Member States of the Byz Empire! 

    Planet X's long term Director of Photography, Thomas DeSoto is spearheading a new Planet One Foundation global media campaign to involve the arts community... the following music video from the music group, Steel Pulse is a recent production of Thomas DeSoto and Planet X Television that reflects a positive message, "Rize".

We are proud to showcase the diverse and amazing people that make up America ... Brandon represents a new generation of talent and fun natured personalities to take  on a key Planet X hosting role. We look forward to see their viewpoints on our Planet!

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